【Chinese Master Chefs' Curation】
Beyond Curation – New Trends in Chinese Cuisine
In its third year, the Chinese Master Chefs’ Curation comes back with a new dimension in Chinese cuisine, whereby the head chefs engage in all-new initiatives to reimagine the relationship between food, cooking techniques, dining trends and sustainability. Amidst their everyday effort to bring forth wonderful dining experiences for their customers, the head chefs also observe the ongoing global trends in dining. Their food represents the very philosophies that lie at the core of their creativity, which satisfies the palates of seasoned diners and the wide spectrum of expectations that they have on food and dining.

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

From 1 to 30 November, more delightful dining destinations and bars invite you to celebrate a month-long culinary journey. Expect limited-time discounts, exclusive tasting menus and Hong Kong-inspired cocktails with us.